Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

AJCAA Undergraduate Bursary Award 2011

We have just awarded bursary to 2 more worthy recipients for 2011 — Cai Yiming and Song Cai Feng.

Cai Yiming (PDG 03/07) — 1st Year undergraduate at NTU Communication Studies

Yiming possesses a strong passion for Wushu which he has cultivated since a very young age. Representing his schools and the country in numerous events, one of his notable achievements was clinching Gold in the Individual Event for the National Wushu Competition in 2007. He also returned to AJC to mentor Wushu juniors.

Since graduating from AJC, Yiming has been financially independent. He plans to continue to do so with a work/study scheme to lighten the family's burden. Yiming's father has retired and his younger siblings are still pursuing their studies.

Aspiring to be a copywriter, Yiming has clear goals to achieve his dreams. Currently pursuing a degree in a related field, he too hopes to acquire experience in advertising and marketing in the near future.

With a keen interest to do his part in helping those in need, Yiming joined AJCAA's 1st International Service-Learning Project "Melodies From The Heart" in Indonesia, co-leading the Logistics section. Designing print works and games, Yiming was also involved in sourcing for funds and sponsorships, hence contributing to the project's success. Thank you, Yiming!
Cai Yiming (left) receiving the Bursary Award from Ms Siau, EXCO member of AJCAA and VP of AJC.

Song Cai Feng (PDG 37/09) — 1st Year undergraduate at NUS Arts and Social Sciences

During her years in Junior College, Cai Feng was actively involved in the oratorical scene. She was also part of the AJC's Debate and Oratorical Society which clinched final placings in the National Public Speaking competition.

In the literary scene, she is a passionate writer who has recently published a young adult fantasy-themed fictional novel which she co-wrote with her twin brother. It is currently available in local bookstores — go get a copy now!

Cai Feng intends to major in Psychology and has been giving tuition in order to finance her own university expenses.

With an aging grandparent and younger siblings at home, Cai Feng hopes the award can help to ease her parents' financial burden.
Song Cai Feng (left) receiving the Bursary Award from Ms Siau, EXCO member of AJCAA and VP of AJC.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the College, donors, audience, performers, crew and the organising committee of Reunion 2 concert for their generous donations, support and effort in raising funds for the Bursary. It will be heartening for all AJCians and alumnus to know that the funds we have raised from the event shall extend the Bursary's lifespan for another 3 years!

For more information on the Bursary Award, and how you can help, please visit

Project Melodies from the Heart 2011

During the June holidays, while most of us are either busy working or busy preparing for entry to University, a group of like-minded youth who share the same mindset came together, to showcase the spirit of Non Mihi Solum.

20 ex-AJCians came together and embarked on AJCAA's very first International Service-Learning (ISL) Project, named Melodies from the Heart, to Indonesia from 30th May to 13th June 2011. Not only did the volunteers conduct some workshops for the kids over in Indonesia, they also constructed a library for the primary school children, and did some basic refurbishments to the centre. To end the whole trip, the volunteers organized a cultural exchange event, where they shared Singapore's unique culture through performance, and of course, cooking Tang Yuan and Mua Chi for the Indonesian friends to try.
At Changi Airport before going on our overseas expedition.
Read on to find out what some of the participants and the partners they worked with has to say about the project!

"It was an eye-opening experience for me. It has broadened my horizons and deepens my thoughts." — Ong Yong Cheng, Head of Programmes, Melodies from the Heart

"This project has enriched my life tremendously, and has served as a reinforcement to remind me that we should constantly be grateful for who we are." — Kendrik Tan, Project Leader, Melodies from the Heart

"The activities they (volunteers) conducted are very useful to the students, and have allowed the students to gain a deep understanding on study skills." — Pak Baksno, Head of Operations for Yayasan Bahkti Luhur, Indonesia

It was indeed a memorable and fulfilling experience for all the volunteers. Strong friendships have been forged, and the joy of spreading our care is beyond description.

If you are keen to be part of this wonderful project, and would like to be involved in Project Melodies from the Heart 2, which will take place in June 2012, please do email to

Saturday, September 17, 2011

AJCAA Tutoring Programme 2011 Updates

The AJCAA Tutoring Programme kick-started on 6th Aug 2011, Saturday, 9am at AJC Reading Room. This year, we have reached out to 72 JC2 students with the support of 20 tutor volunteers from various batches: 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. This has been the highest number of tutees and tutors set since 2006. The teaching subjects offered include General Paper, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. In addition, the planning committee has assigned about 50% of our tutors to 2 teaching subjects unlike the past so that the tutees can approach their allocated tutors on questions encountered in their various subjects.

We are really grateful to our tutors and Exco volunteers for coming every Saturday morning from 9am to 12 pm. Without their help, this programme will not be made possible.

As the JC2 students will be busily preparing for their prelims, the programme will temporarily suspend and the fifth session will resume back on 1st October 2011. On behalf of AJCAA, we wish them all the best and good luck!

To view some of the photos taken during the sessions, please refer to

Teachers' Day Celebration 2011

AJC celebrated Teachers' Day on 1 September 2011 (Thursday). The theme for this year concert is "Loving the way you...". Beside dance and song items put up by the current students, there was also a slide show featuring current teachers who are ex-AJcians giving thanks to their teachers.

Prior to that, the AJC Alumni Association (AJCAA) started a online dedication to our teachers. Since 2006, with every approaching Teachers' Day, AJCAA used this as an avenue for current and ex-students to express their appreciation to our teachers. The dedications are viewable at

As a tradition, AJCAA also prepared a small gift for our teachers.